Courier Tracking Script


Courier Tracking Software is a script introduced by Eagle technosys. It has 6 versions Courier Tracking version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0. Courier Tracking 6.0 is very latest version that includes logistic delivery, courier delivery, shipments, shipment tracking, container tracking via air freight, sea freight, and road freight. It is an e-business company that holds international business. One can access it from anywhere and everywhere in the world. It is 24 hour available e-business. One can also join the membership and start his own Courier Tracking Business. Businessmen can higher their business by joining membership. In case of query contact to admin on

AIMS of Courier Tracking E-business

  • Courier Tracking holds world wide web business, it is available to every web user for all time.
  • It provides services to book your shipment order online and receive it at your home.
  • Make people familiar with Courier Tracking Script.
  • To respond frequently asked queries with quick and satisfied manners.
  • Avail more and more services people expected from it.
  • Fulfill user demand.
  • Fulfill market demand advancing day by day.
  • Authentication to users.
  • All device compatable.
  • Serve membership packages to users to be a member and consume the services for special purposes.
  • Serve services at as much low prices as possible.
  • Give your shipment details, book your order, make e-payment with easy and better ways.
  • Track your shipment online and determine its current status.

Tricks provided by Eagle Technosys To start your own Courier Tracking business And Higher it with market demand

  • Your website must be time sensitive. Time sensitivity includes real time business, you must quick responder to users and your website must be able to fulfill user and market demand.
  • You must be honest with business and user.
  • Your website must have authentication system.
  • It must hold EDI i.e Electronic Data Interchange.
  • There must a Good networking connection.
  • There must be a Better communication with users.
  • It should 24 hours available.
  • It should hold EDI security.
  • It should be Eco- friendly
  • E-payment security is the very basic feature of a good website.
  • Block malicious users if there's any.
  • You website must have Integrity removal feature.
  • E-banking is a very basic need of customers.